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Free Shipping for orders over €40
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New Collection

Be The Change  Collection

Now more than ever we need to take some time to reflect.
The voice of change and inclusion needs to rise up! Ours is represented on our towels. Each design brings us closer to all the changes we want to create, takes us further in life and helps us evolve. Hopefully, a baby step will be taken thanks to a towel...
Cannot wait!

 Retroactive Collection

As a company we are fond of and defined by geometry. Our collection consists of vivid colors and unique ideas printed on each towel, which represents our perspective and spirit of the summer and brings along a craved sense of innocence. Our designs are playing hide and seek with the meaning of nostalgia! Nostalgia of the past and the years of our childhood, takes us on a trip down memory lane, where colors were less predominant and simplicity was clearly the winner.

Sunbed Bands

Hold steady !!!

Our brand new Sunbed Bands are here to add to your beach experience. No more ugly towel hangers to prevent your towel from slipping away from your beach chair! Use your unique One Zipper Sunbed Band to hold your towel steady for as long as you need! Find it at the colour of your preference and match it with your towel. It is made of soft material that is easy to wash and takes minimum possible space in your beach bag.
Enjoy !